About Us

Upper90 provides growth debt to companies operating in new asset classes being created by technology and data that are misunderstood by traditional banks.  Our goal is to help businesses accelerate growth with less dilution through flexible capital structures.  We lead with debt but often take an equity position to maximize alignment.  Our Limited Partners are leading entrepreneurs across quantitative finance, real estate and consumer technology and help us differentiate capital.


Investment Criteria

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Company has a proven product or a product that is a good fit for the market

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Company has ability to invest at least $5M of debt and is prepared to scale

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Company has raised Seed or Series A+ from strong group of investors

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Deal has potential to generate >15% IRR and >1.5x MOIC


Representative Investments

We are not looking to find the major disruptor like Airbnb, Netflix, Uber or Amazon but rather the derivative businesses being created around them that require more capital and present opportunities for revenue and asset-based financing. 

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